The first step is knowing what could and needs to be done to your floor. For this you need to have a professional look at the floor so you can receive the best advice and know where you stand in terms of price, requirements and how long the job will take.


For a timber floor that is fairly good condition, ie (very few indentations, sundamage, scratches, cupping/warping, no de-lamination) a re-coat can have the floor looking like new and make the floor last for more years to come.

For a re-coat, the top layer of the existing coat will be sanded to remove any blemishes and allow the new product to bond in order to prevent the new coat from delamination.

For further information about coast and whether it is the right option for you, call 0475876611.

Full Re-sand:

A full re-sand is for a more worn out coating that has imperfection like discoloured, delaminating or simply fibres on timber surface are coming away with coating due to direct sunlight breaking down those fibres wichcannot be hidden through a re-coat.